1. My Plan
    My Plan
    To head back to South Africa to become a field guide and dedicate myself to wildlife conservation and photography in the African bush.
  2. About Me
    About Me
    Young aspiring 20 year old wildlife photographer with a dream of traveling, making a living off of photography, and working around animals. I've loved animals my entire life, and am currently preparing to go back to South Africa
  3. My Goals
    My Goals
    To raise awareness for animals and people in need through photography, community service, and education. Bringing light to situations involving endangered animals and people in need is an important step to incite change.
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Our only hope for changing this world is through education, awareness, love, and dedication. Through my photography and blogs, I hope to inspire you to want to conserve the beautiful animals pictured, and understand the stories of the wonderful people who I encounter during my travels. Through a mixture of documentation, photos, and blogs, my prayer is that you'll use this inspiration and new knowledge to stand up for a better future for both people and wildlife.